Lumber is an English word for building wooden materials and planks.
It also includes laminated boards and sawn timber. The wood industry is also called the lumber industry. By listing the "Lumber" in the company name, we are aware that we are a professional group of lumber and are working hard on our daily work.
In addition to the Gunma head office and Tokyo office, we have 7 partnership warehouses in Japan and more than 80 partnership factories around the world, expanding our bases for importing and processing timber. Considering the environment, we have high value-added lumber from all over the world, and we deliver the laminated boards you need when you need it. We will continue to contribute to the development of the lumber industry as a "Lumber" specialist.


  • 01.Always seek innovation and keep going
  • 02.Serious effort
  • 03.Do good things positively and improve bad things by ourselves.

It is a philosophy since then the company was founded.
We keep trying not only a businessperson, but also a model resource in the community.
not only as a businessperson, but also a model human resource in the community.


Established July 1, 1997
Capital 10 million yen
Employee 10 people
Address 844-12, Komagata, Maebashi, Gunma, Japan

Company history

July 1997
established the company 20 million yen
July 2000
increased capital stock 45 million yen
January 2003
built a new head office
May 2003
opened Indonesian office
August 2003
opened Shanghai office
February 2004
obtained certification of FJL formaldehyde four stars
July 2004
certified management innovation plan
October 2006
started importing from Vietnam
April 2007
constructed new office building
December 2007
obtained certification of legal wood supplier
October 2014
installed solar power generation
December 2015
started importing from Finland
June 2020
under the Yamashita co.,ltd group


Domestic inventory location and sales area

We entrust inventory management to transportation warehouse companies without own warehouses.
We have operations in Port of Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Hakata, and spreading in local port of Sendai, Akita, Tokushima.
We set out that we can supply you needed when you had needed.

Head office

844-12, Komagata, Maebashi, Gunma, Japan
Tel : 81-27-266-4455
Fax : 81-27-266-3482

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Tokyo office

Timber import hub

We have offices and partner ships with factories in Asian countries,North America and Northern Europe(Finland).
In order to meet a wide range of domands and to ensure stable and sustainable supply,we are building a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with supplier.
With increasing interest in plantation trees,we believe that this mutually beneficial relationship will become a reliable supply and response force for everyone.

  • Indonesia Office
  • Shanghai office

Affiliated factory

43 company
22 company
5 company
5 company
2 company
2 company
1 company
1 company

Initiatives for environmental protection

The tree grows slowly over a long period of time. Nothing reaches the logging season in a single year.
We believe that it is also our role to convey these value and precious resource given by nature to the society.
We are also working to promote the use of planted trees,such as Merksi Pine, Radiata Pine, and Rubber wood, and to supply sustainable forest resources.
In addition, illegal logging and destruction of the forest environment are regarded as problems. Our basic concept is to handle products made from legal woods, and we are also certified as a legal timber company.