We stock all kinds of finger Joint laminate board

We will fulfill our mission as a specialized trading company and contribute to society.

As a trading company specializing of FJL, we take the motto “We have all kinds of FJL” and supply cheap and high-quality nationwide.
We maintain the top class handling volume and kinds of species in Japan.
In addition, we have built strong network with overseas companies and there are cooperating processing factories in Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Philippine, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.
We transport handlings to various ports in Japan by containers s and manage them in a bonded warehouse. Our network and business are expanding all over the country.

  • 01Top Rated !

    The top class in the handling
    volume and kinds of species
    in Japan.
  • 02Cheap and good quality

    We supplying cheap and
    high-quality nationwide by
    keeping fixed costs low
    managing costs ourselves.
  • 03Global network

    Expanding our sales
    network by building a
    network with overseas.

Available and stable supply Constantly manage rich inventory

Our main handlings are foreign wood such as Red Pine,Merkusi Pine,Radiata Pine,Ash,Rubber wood. We also have rare handlings such as douglas Fir,Yellow cedar,Waulut and domestic lumber of Japanese cedar and cypress.
We plan to increase the proportion of domestic timber in the future.
We manage rich inventory and build available and stable supply.